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We deliver bite-sized happiness with our sweet treats!

Dessert Corner is proudly Melbourne’s very first Indian-Fusion Dessert Bar. By lovingly fusing traditional desserts with an Indian twist, we sought to create the ultimate dessert experience.
Our specialty is to serve deliciously decadent desserts with a hint of passion and a dash of happiness!

It Started With




Before Dessert Corner, we had no more than a dream and the fire to create in our hearts when we first began. We wanted to make more than just desserts, but to share a jovial idea with one and all. So, we rolled up our sleeves, and got to work!

To Elevate The Dessert Experience

We were obsessed with the idea of bringing a truly sleek, glossy, and elegant dessert experience readily available to all dessert lovers out there.

By using locally sourced, personally picked ingredients and an impeccable obsession with creativity, we spent countless nights coming up with desserts that are not only melt-in-your-mouth delicious but also spark that familiar, nostalgic feeling of happiness by its mere sight!

So, We Took A Trip to Flavour Town..

And Detour to A Carnival of Creativity

We sought to use a hint of ‘wow’, a touch of ‘pizazz’, and a garnish of good ol’ fashioned pure happiness which we then whip up to perfection, just for you! After all, nothing beats the joy of biting into a freshly prepped sweet treat, now, does it?

Soaking in All The Taste, Without The Waste

Our desserts retain the most delicious flavour and moistness to them while being 100% vegetarian-friendly! There are no traces of egg, gelatin, or alcohol in them, ‘cause who said we need those to make a great dessert?

With Every Batch From Scratch

We know that to truly taste the flavour of pure happiness, it has to come from a place of love, dedication, and hard work. So, that’s why every batch of desserts prepared lovingly by us, is made fresh, from the ground up!

And Mother Earth-Approved Packaging

We use only the most planet-friendly packaging, because we love mother earth, and wanna make sure she’s happy, healthy, and alive for the future generation!

To Make a Space Where You Come First

To us, every customer is nothing but sacred, and after all, why shouldn’t it be that way? All we do, we do to make sure you’re having the time of your life, and it’s our job to make sure it’s that way for each and every customer we get!

And the Cherry on Top

We know that to truly taste the flavour of pure happiness, it has to come from a place of love, dedication, and hard work. So, that’s why every batch of desserts prepared lovingly by us, is made fresh, from the ground up!

how we deliver sweet happiness

No Gelatin

No Egg

No Alcohol



Made With

Honest ingredients, Smashing norms, setting a new benchmark for delicious desserts.

Our Desserts

sweet food forEvery mood

We’ve got a Lil something for everyone, so check out
our menu if you’re in the mood for some:

patissier extraordinaire

My goal with Dessert Corner is to bring the authentic and exotic flair of my culture to everyone in Australia. I’m a driven and hard-working person with a passion for bringing something unique to the table in everything I do.

My wish was to create the quintessential dessert experience, all without the use of alcohol, eggs, and gelatine. I wanted to bring a more honest feel to the quality of my desserts. So, working tirelessly and experimenting with different combinations of flavours, I was eventually able to craft some creatively yummy desserts that’ll satisfy your sweet tooth.

Our artisanal desserts strike a delicate balance between delivering a premium and delicious experience. You get a bang for your buck without compromising on flavour. Because after all, you deserve to treat yourself to a wholesome, delightful dessert experience, and our desserts are so good you won’t be able to help yourself to just one."

Founder, Dessert Corner

how we make life
a little sweeter

Only The
Berry Best

We wanna make our desserts unique in their own right, and we achieve that by cherry-picking only the best, most wholesome ingredients to help give them a distinctive flavour.

Every Batch,
From Scratch

The most important elements of creating a truly memorable dessert are love, passion, and commitment, all of which we have in spades when making every batch of our desserts lovingly from the ground up!

Take Desserts & Joy
to The Next Level

We serve desserts that are truly premium and wholesome in nature. The higher the quality of ingredients, the creamier the dessert, and the more you’ll fall in love when eating it!


We’re all about protecting the planet for the future generation. That’s why we ensure that both our cutlery and packaging are 100% eco-friendly. So, you can enjoy all the taste and none of the waste!

we’re strong believers in:

Having 100% Vegetarian-Friendly desserts!

That’s right! Our desserts don’t contain eggs, gelatin or alcohol, because who needs those to cook up a mean dessert?

Exquisite Artisanal Desserts that are delightfully delicious

If the metric is ‘ordinary’ then we’re anything but! We’re obsessed with the vision of an exotic dessert experience, and we settle for nothing less than a delightful, delicious affair!"

Making every single dessert with the love and care it deserves!

Because that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Happiness. The joy of serving a batch of customers, and the joy of bringing people ever so closer together one bite at a time.

Putting our customers’ joy above our own

Because you’re here to have a good time, and it’s our job to make sure that each person that entrusts us with their time and money deserves no less than treatment that’s best in class!

Welcome to our store section! With Dessert Corner on Wheels, we’re committed to hitting the road and spreading the sweet joy of pure happiness to one and all.


5B Perpetual Street, Truganina VIC 3029

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6 PM to 11:30 pm


1924 Princes Hwy, Clayton VIC 3168

Get directions

6 PM to 11:30 pm


Tues - Thurs:
6 PM to 11:30 pm

Fri - Sat:
6 PM to 12:00 am

Cart hire

Looking for that special cart that’ll spice up an event or gathering? Well, look no further than Dessert Corner on Wheels!

Check out our exciting offers and packages to find the plan that’s best suitable for you!

Party Catering

Dessert Corner is at your service! We’ve got some wonderful packages for you to choose from to make that next office function or family gathering extra special and oh-so-sweet!

Take a gander at some of the plans available down below!

check out the word on the street

I was so impressed and highly recommend all their delicious desserts. They are made with so much love and all simply mouthwatering.

Overall we really loved everything we tried; Price Vs Portion is perfect & all desserts are freshly made every morning with quality ingredients. We’d never visit Clayton without stopping by here for sure.

Servicing up delicious treats the whole family will enjoy. Their high quality, pure and delicious desserts use organic ingredients that taste delicious.

Check out the latest pics & reels of our scrumptious, artisanal desserts.


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Get sweet, bite-sized updates & see what we’re cookin’ up next.

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For the latest updates, promotional offers, announcements, and more!

For a peek behind the scenes content and insight into our desserts.

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Get sweet, bite-sized updates & see what we’re cookin’ up next.

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For the adventuresome out there that want to try something new!

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