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But what is Brittle, you might ask?

Brittle is a type of candy made from sugar and syrup that’s heated until it becomes crisp and crunchy. It’s a beloved treat in many cultures and has been enjoyed for centuries.

But we’re not just talking any ol’ old brittle, no not at all!

We’ve put our own unique twist on this all-time classic confection, resulting in an exquisite and tasteful artisanal snack that’ll have you crunching all your worries away.

So, fasten your seatbelts, get comfy and let our Brittle take you on a trip to flavour town.


Get your citrus fix with our Orange Brittle. Made lovingly with tangy oranges, almonds, some sugar n butter. It’s sunshine in every bite.
Perfect for brightening up your mood
Tastes like tangy & sweet oranges
PineApple Biscuit
Almond Biscuit


Satisfy your cravings with our nutty, crunchy Almond Brittle. Made with roasted almonds, sugar, and butter.
It’s perfect for coffee breaks.
A splendid balance of sweet ‘n salty


Indulge in luxury with our Rose Brittle. Made with rose petals, it’s the perfect nutty, crunchy and delightful.

Perfect to pamper yourself

Has a light, fragrant taste with an aromatic flavour
Rose Biscuit


Experience elegance with our Pistachio Brittle, full of roasted pistachios, sugar, and butter. There’s no better crunchy snack to treat yourself to.
A perfect companion
for afternoon tea
Sweet & savory with a subtle hint of saltiness


Our Saffron Brittle is a crunchy confection full of saffron, nutty almonds & Pistachio, making it a truly special and memorable treat.
Perfect for when you’re getting snacky
It’s sweet and savory with a hint of spice
Almond Biscuit
Almond Biscuit


Rise & shine with our Coffee Brittle, full of tasteful rich coffee, butter, almonds, and sugar.
The perfect snack
for a pick-me-up
Tastes like strong
& bold coffee


Escape to a tropical paradise with our Pineapple Brittle, full of crunchy, refreshing  pineapple goodness!
Perfect to enjoy when lounging on a beach
It’s refreshing, fruity & zesty
PineApple Biscuit


Mango lovers rejoice! Packed with nutty & sweet mango goodness, Our Mango Brittle is a satisfyingly crunchy bite!
Perfect summertime snack
Tastes like sweet, juicy Mangoes


Enjoy the mouth-watering taste of our Strawberry Brittle, made with strawberry goodness and crunchy nuts for an irresistibly yummy experience.
Perfect to enjoy on a picnic!
Tastes like plump & succulent strawberries
Almond Biscuit

How is this delicious
confection served?

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Great question! Our Brittle:

OMG, Where can I get it?

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You can get our Brittle at either of our stores or have it shipped right to you.

When can we enjoy

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Anytime you like! It’s a great snack to enjoy over a coffee break or with friends and loved ones.

Rose petals

Brittle’s Crunchy
Secret to Success

Crunchy, Nutty Perfection

Crunchy, Nutty Perfection

Handcrafted <br>with Care

with Care

Classic <br>Confection,<br> Unique Twist

Unique Twist

No Egg, Gelatin
or Alcohol

Exquisite<br> Premium Candy

Premium Candy


Elevate your snack game- Try our Brittle today!


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