How Dessert Corner Lounge is Changing the Game for Dessert Lovers in Melbourne

If you are a dessert lover, you know how hard it is to find a place that offers a variety of desserts that suit your taste buds and dietary preferences. You either have to settle for the same old boring options or compromise on quality and freshness. Suffice it to say it’s not an easy choice to make. That is precisely where we come in. After tons of hard work, effort, and a dream to deliver what customers have been craving, we are so proud to present: Dessert Corner Lounge.

What is Dessert Corner Lounge?

Dessert Corner Lounge is a specialized dessert restaurant that also offers a variety of wholesome artisanal foods. It is the latest venture of our brand Dessert Corner. We’ve been in the business of serving happiness to our dear customers via our gorgeous dessert trucks in both Truganina and Clayton.

Our brand-new dessert-themed restaurant, Dessert Corner Lounge is located at 13A Tallis Cct, Truganina VIC 3029, Australia, and will open its doors on November 3rd, 2023. Our restaurant has a cozy and stylish interior design that creates a relaxing and inviting atmosphere for customers.

What makes Dessert Corner Lounge different?

We’re glad you asked.

Our aim for Dessert Corner Lounge is to make it a dessert paradise, not just another dessert place. We offer a range of desserts made from wholesome, pure, and seasonal ingredients. Our products cater to Vegetarians and feature no eggs, gelatin, or alcohol in them whatsoever. We also have Vegan options as well.

Dessert Corner Lounge is also the first dessert restaurant in Melbourne that offers Indian-Fusion desserts—a unique blend of international gourmet desserts with a touch of Indian flavors. So, Whether you are in the mood for a classic cheesecake, a decadent brownie, or a refreshing kulfi, you will find something that will satisfy your sweet tooth and surprise your palate.

What can you expect from Dessert Corner Lounge?

Dessert Corner Lounge is more than just a dessert restaurant. It is also a place where you can enjoy tasty meals that complement your desserts. We strive to combine artisanal, creative food items with gourmet desserts and create a relaxing, chill atmosphere. The result is a perfect blend of an enjoyable, fun, and laid-back experience. That is exactly what we can promise every customer that’ll give us a visit for our launch. Speaking of which…

It’s our grand opening, and we wanna celebrate the occasion in a way that best reflects that. So, we’re offering a special promotion for the following signature items:

  • Aloo Chana Chat in Filo Wrap Cups,
  • Bollywood Grilled Sandwich
  • Sizzling Schezwan Paneer Burger
  • Classic Cassata Single Serve

All of which will be priced at $1 only. This offer is valid only on November 3rd and while stocks last.

How can you get in touch with Dessert Corner Lounge?

If you are interested in visiting Dessert Corner Lounge, you can check out our website, or give us a follow on our social media platforms:

Instagram: @dessertcornerau

Facebook: @dessertcornerau

Twitter: @dessertcornerau

TikTok: @dessertcornerau

YouTube: @dessertcornerau.

Additionally, you can reach us via phone at 1300 388 342 or shoot us an email at [email protected] for further inquiries or reservations.

It’s our intent for Dessert Corner Lounge to be the ultimate destination for dessert lovers in Melbourne. Don’t miss this opportunity to indulge in the best desserts in town and experience the Dessert Corner Lounge difference. Visit us at Dessert Corner Lounge today and treat yourself to a sweet treat. Because after all, you deserve it.