How Dessert Corner Lounge Sold 1800+ Desserts on Its Amazing Grand Opening

If you’re looking for a sweet treat that will tantalize your taste buds and satisfy your cravings, look no further than Dessert Corner Lounge in Truganina, Melbourne. Our specialised dessert restaurant is the latest addition to our expanding brand, which is Melbourne’s first Indian-Fusion desserts.

Dessert Corner Lounge opened its doors on November 3, and it was a huge success. Our restaurant sold over 1800 products from its huge menu of food and desserts, and we received rave reviews from the visiting customers. This being our first blog post, we wanted to share with you the story behind our milestone, and why you should visit Dessert Corner Lounge as soon as possible.

What is Dessert Corner Lounge?

Dessert Corner Lounge is a special place where you can enjoy exquisite desserts and unique food items in a relaxing ambiance. Our goal here is to spread happiness and joy with a relaxing vibe. To accomplish that, we offer a variety of international gourmet desserts with a unique Indian twist. You can also find delicious food items on our menu such as our Bollywood Grilled Sandwich.

Dessert Corner Lounge is the newest and most exciting chapter in the Dessert Corner brand, which started with a few gorgeous trucks down in Truganina and Clayton. We’re proudly a woman-owned, family business that is passionate about creating artisanal desserts and food. And the best part? It’s exclusively vegetarian and vegan. No alcohol, no eggs, no gelatin whatsoever.

How did Dessert Corner Lounge achieve such a remarkable success on its grand opening?

The grand opening of Dessert Corner Lounge was a momentous occasion, one we cherish so very deeply. As soon as our doors opened, we went to work and prepped over 2000 products for the launch day, all using pure and seasonal ingredients. Our staff worked tirelessly to serve our wonderful customers with a smile, and It warmed our collective hearts to see the community responding with overwhelming support.

Mrs. Deval Patel, our beloved Co-Founder and CEO of Dessert Corner, expressed immense gratitude to the community for their incredible enthusiasm. “We are thrilled to have achieved such remarkable success during our grand opening. It’s truly a testament to the love for our genuine, egg, gelatin, and alcohol-free food and desserts,” Mrs. Patel said.

Our visiting customers were also kind enough to share their feedback with us. One delighted customer raved, “A must-visit! Delicious food, friendly staff, and cozy ambiance. The flavors burst in every bite. Veggie lovers, this place is a culinary gem.”

What’s next for Dessert Corner Lounge?

You may be wondering what’s next for us. Well, we’re glad you asked. Our restaurant will soon be introducing a huge selection of international fusion desserts, which we can’t wait to share with you. We’ve big plans and are incredibly excited to spread even more joy, laughter, and happiness with all our customers. In the meantime, if you wanna keep up with the latest updates from Dessert Corner Lounge, please follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter at [socials here]. We’ve got so much more in store for you, and we’re just getting started.